NFL Schedule Week 11

Sunday Night – New England Patriots at Denver Broncos

This used to be one of the great matchups of NFL teams, but this year, it’s likely going to be a chance for New England to show the western U.S. how good they are. The Broncos still have the defense to make this a game, but it’s hard to see their offense putting up any semblance of a fight against a Bill Belichick defensive unit. It will still be great television to watch Tom Brady go up against one of the best secondaries of the 2000s.

Keys to the Game


The Patriots need to stay focused and grind this one out against a very good defense. It probably won’t be easy, but by the end of the night they could certainly find themselves with 30+ points if they protect the ball and work diligently. As good as Tom Brady is, this veteran Denver defense will make you pay if you try to push the limits too much. Short passes underneath mixed with runs and the occasional downfield throw to keep the defense honest will put the Pats right where they want to be: on top.


It might just take a herculean effort from the Denver offense to pull off a win over the Brady bunch in prime time. First and foremost, the defense is going to need to slow down the New England offense and probably create a turnover or two. Brady is great, but by no means is he perfect and some intense pressure from the pass rush can lead to an errant throw or two. On the other side of the ball Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders are going to need to lead the way. They’ll need to haul in some big passes and make defenders miss after the catch. It will take a big game, but it can be done.