NFL Schedule Week 11

Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers, 4:25p.m.

Kellen Moore(2)

Week 10 keeps this old rivalry alive. The history between these two goes all the way back to the 1960s. Pittsburgh dominated the series during the seventies and Dallas took its turn in the 90s. These days, Pittsburgh has had more success, but Dallas had the last laugh, winning their most recent matchup in 2012. On top of all that, these two teams have the potential to meet in the Super Bowl this year.

Keys to the Game


The Cowboys cannot afford mistakes in this matchup. Their defense is going to struggle with the high-powered Pittsburgh offense, so they need to make the most of every one of their possessions. Field goals are not going to cut it in this shootout, they need touchdowns. Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and Ezekiel Elliott are going to need to come up big for Dallas to outscore the Steelers


The Steelers will have trouble stopping the Dallas offense themselves, but a stop or two or a turnover will go along way in securing a lead for them. Tony Romo has been susceptible to turning the ball over when in trouble. The Steelers will need to muster a little bit of pass rush to get Romo to fire some ill-advised throws into double coverage. Getting to Romo is the best way to slow down the Cowboy offense.