NFL Schedule Week 11

Cincinnati Bengals at New York Giants, 8:30p.m. EST


NFL: AFC Wild Card-Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals

It’s a long shot, but we have another possible Super Bowl matchup this week. Each team has a solid quarterback and good receiving targets. Cincy gets the edge in the running game while the Giants get the nod at receiver. Both defenses can wreak havoc and they all have playoff experience. No matter what, this is going to be fun to watch.

Keys to the Game


Another dreaded game in prime time? Not so fast. I think the Bengals have done enough to shed that tag. They’ll need to be focused on keeping the heat off of Andy Dalton all game with Giants pass rushers on the loose. They have a talented O-line, but they’ll need to be on their A-game facing this athletic group, led by Olivier Vernon. A healthy Andy Dalton is necessary for a win here.

New York Giants

The Giants are going to have to slow down the running game of Cincinnati. Bernard and Hill can run you into the ground if you’re not ready and on top of that, Bernard is a threat out of the backfield. Play action will kill you if you have to bring the safeties into the box every play. Keeping their effectiveness down will allow the Giants the flexibility to cover A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert properly.